Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads

Welcome to our web site.  We are one of South Africa’s leading mouse pad producers, we would be proud to be of service to you.  

Mouse Pads remain one of the most popular branded gift items and for good reason. Mouse Pads are used every single day by a person who sits at their work desk. For every working day your brand or logo will be visible on the recipient’s desk.  Even people who work on laptops tend to use an external mouse for ease of use.  We produce from just 200 units.

High quality Mouse Pad Materials

Mouse pad brandOur mouse pads have a high quality 1.5mm or 2mm solid rubber backing. This is a slightly heavy non slip material that results in a mouse pad that has a quality feel. The quality backing is non slip and will not lift at the corners during use. (Unlike foam mouse pads)

We double laminate this rubber backing, first with the image layer and then with a high quality professional optical read surface.


Accurate Mouse Pad optical read surface

Mouse pad printMost modern computer mouse devices are optical. They use either LED diode or laser light emitting source and an imaging array of photo diodes that receive the reflected information. For these to work accurately the best surface is one that is not reflective and has a fine pattern enabling the photodiode to detect the slightest of movement relative to the surface.

We have experimented with various surface materials for our mouse pads until we finally arrived at the perfect material which gives an extremely accurate response.


Minimum order for mouse pads

Mouse padBy far the most common mouse pad size is the rectangular 230mm x 190mm. Our minimum mouse pad order is from only 200 units on screen printed ones. On these lower quantities we only offer standard shapes such as:

Rectangle mouse pads 230mm x 190mm (Corners rounded)
Square mouse pads 200mm x 200mm (Corners rounded)
Round mouse pads 200mm diameter
Oval mouse pads 230mm x 185mm




Why should you advertise on Mouse pads?

Imagine having an advert on a person’s desk 24 hours a day right at the person fingertips.  This person may be searching Google for a service or products or they may simply be browsing around.  Your message will be there in full view!   You should put your message where it will get a great response.  No other medium can get your ad as close to your target audience with the daily exposure you need.

Amazing Reach mouse pads can reach thousands of your clients and potential clients each time they sit down at their desktop computer or log on to the Internet at home, at work, or anywhere a computer is available. Since mouse pads are compact and lightweight, they make excellent mailers and promotional giveaways.  They are also easy to flat pack into magazine covers.


Highly Visible
Mouse pads clearly and prominently display your ad message right at the user’s fingertips on a daily basis.

Ads are prominently displayed on the mouse pad right on the users desktop, where they will see it every day. Stickiness is effectively achieved due to the quality and durability of our quality mouse pads. Your advert is working before, during, and after consumers go online.

Advertisers have the potential to reach thousands of clients and would-be clients every day, every time they use their computer.


Point of internet Access
Mouse pad advertising allows you to promote your brand to thousands of computer users where they will see it every day.

Branding and Retention
Attract new users and return visits while developing loyalty and brand insistence.

Immediate Response
Position your offline advertising message right at the point of access where it has the ability to create immediate response.  A person seeing the mouse pad advert is normally near a phone and most defiantely on their PC.

Better Return on your marketing investment
Mouse pad advertising provides value for your marketing dollars. Mouse pad ads help you build your brand more cost effectively than any other medium available.

Because your mouse pad advertising is always on, you can depend on it to be around whenever your customers use their computers, all day, every day.

Your ad can be placed right at the fingertips of computer and Internet users.  The benefits of advertising on mouse pads are tremendous. From one single advertising program an advertiser can achieve reach, frequency and stickiness.