Desk Mats

Neoprene desk mat with stitched edge

We are stocking desk mats that are 780mm x 300mm. These are gaming type polyester top with neoprene backing. They have a firm spongy feel. Place your orders now to secure stock as we expect these to fly out the door.

The desk pads also function as bar mats or as till counter mats. We print them in vivid full colour by sublimation. The edge is stitched to prevent fraying.



1          R 395.00 each ex vat. Setup included.

5          R 169.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

10        R 149.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

20        R 139.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

50        R 134.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

100      R 124.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

250      R 119.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

500      R 114.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

1000    R 109.95   each ex vat. Setup included.

We only offer one size as these have to be brought in sea freight and then printed here. To produce any custom sizes allow 9-10 weeks. The minimum order for custom size is 200 units.

Microfibre desk mats – neoprene backing

These can be made up in any size right here in SA. The surface has a wonderfully smooth feel. The only restriction is that the surface colour must be dark. The reason for this is that they are laser cut. The laser leaves a slightly darkened cut edge. The specialised laser leaves the edge sealed to prevent fraying.

We print these desk mats in full colour by sublimation print. The results are stunning.

Standard size 800mm x 400mm.
We can produce custom sizes as per your request.

Microfibre desk mat


Welded PVC counter mats are made in South Africa. Allow 7-10 working days for manufacture.

Welded PVC counter mats construction:

275-micron pvc base, 2mm reinforcing board, 275 microns interlay and expanded PVC base. See pictures below.


The minimum order for PVC welded type desk mats is 50 units. The Price would depend on the sizes and quantities required.

We will offer a prompt quote. Please email us today at