Wrist Support Mouse Pads


Our new wrist support mousepads come in two pieces, enabling us to brand the mousepad part in full colour. Crafted from neoprene and featuring a high-quality stitched edge, the mousepad offers durability and style.

The integrated wrist support ensures comfortable control over your computer mouse. Its foam padding enhances mouse accuracy and reduces hand fatigue. You will navigate your PC with confidence.

Feel the difference with our innovative wrist support mousepads – combining ergonomic design with personalized branding for a superior computing experience.


Full-colour print on the mousepad part only. The wrist support cannot be branded and comes in black only.

Mouse Pad Size: 250mm diameter, 3mm thick

Wrist Support Size: 140mm x 70mm x 22mm high

Prices including branding:

1                      R 195.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

5                      R 205.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

10                    R 69.95 each ex vat. Setup included.

20                    R 56.95 each ex vat.  Setup included.

50                    R 49.95 each ex vat.  Setup included.

100                  R 47.95 each ex vat.  Setup included.

200                  R 45.95 each ex vat.  Setup included.

500                   R 44.95 each ex vat.  Setup included.

1000+              R 42.95 each ex vat.  Setup included.