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Mouse pads are probably one of the oldest promotional items in South Africa.  Despite them having been around forever they are still one of the most effective forms of branding a person desktop available.   At mouse pads South Africa we try to encourage smart designs on your mouse pads, print a mouse pad that the user will actually show off to other people.  See some of the ideas show below for mouse pads.

Mouse pads

Moustache mouse pads

The mouse pad below is a classic example of a fun design while still showing off the coffee brand.  Lavazza, Illy and Segfredo where are you?

Custom Spilled Coffee Mouse Pad

Custom Spilled Coffee Mouse Pad

Once again a fun idea for a cola company, this mouse pad will truly impress.

Mouse pads

Cola spill mouse pads

Are you an Egg producer? by giving this mouse pad to buyers at superstores they couldn’t forget you if they try. Your logo could be under their hand all the time.

Frying pan mouse pad

Frying pan mouse pads